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Handy Links
Click Here to perform a internet speed test on your Internet connection.
Click Here for the correct US time of the day!"
Click Here for the correct time anywhere in the world!
ISP directory enables users to search for local and national ISPs, as well as comparison shop ISP plan rates to find the most suitable one for budget and need.

Steve Gibson's Web Site

Stop by Steve Gibson's web site. The Shields Up section is a "MUST VISIT" to become more aware and educated in internet security for you and your computer. A2Z highly recommends that you visit Steve Gibson's web site!

In the Shields Up section Steve can alert you to the vulnerability of your windows based personal computer to attacks by hackers and intruders and it is completelyShields Up free. It is a real eye opener and Steve also gives evaluations of firewall software that is available to make your personal computer secure and safe from intruders. One of the most powerful protection firewalls is free!

Ad-Aware by lavasoft is a great free little tool that everyone should have. Lavasoft'sLavasoft Ad-aware is a free multi spyware removal utility, that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known spyware components and lets you remove them safely. It is very fast and provides many optional settings. Ad-aware comes with English, German, French and Dutch language resources. Lavasoft also offers a Ad-aware plus version, that includes Ad-watch, a realtime spyware-monitor, watching your memory and registry for spyware that tries to install or change your system.

Google SafeSearch
Sites and web pages containing pornography and
explicit sexual content are blocked from search results.


Table of Contents for our resources

This area contains links to web sites and pages having to do with business, web site creation and web building information. This information is divided into the following categories:

Category 0

Informational and Opportunity Web Sites

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Category 1

Unix Platform Informational Links.

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Category 1.5

Information Directories.

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Category 2

NT Platform Informational Links.

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Category 3

Useful Unix & NT Newsgroups.

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Category 4

Browser Downloads and Update Links.

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Category 5

Email Client software & Info Links.

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Category 6

FTP Client downloads & Links.

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Category 7

Learn about Perl scripting.

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Category 8

Microsoft FrontPage Add-ons.

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Category 9

Web Authoring Software Programs & Database Creation Software Links.

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Category 10

Learn HTML Links.

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Category 11

Web Site Design Related

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Category 11.5

Web Site Hosting Related

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Category 12

CGI & Java Resources Links.

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Category 13

Web Site Enhancement Tool Sites.

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Category 14

Web Related Informational Links.

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Category 15

Internet Promotion Marketing and Consulting.

  • Click here for free use of our online web site promotion tools!
  • Click here for A2Z Site Solutions web promotion packages.
  • http://www.marketleap.com Marketleap - Internet Marketing and Consulting Specializing in implementing customer acquisition solutions to achieve business objectives online.
  • http://www.hisoftware.com Meta Tag Generators and much more.
  • Web Site Marketing - Learn how to get top placement on the search engines using ANY keyword.
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Category 16

Web Art & Images.

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Category 17

PICS Internet Ratings Links.

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Category 18

Image Creation & Compression Software.

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Category 19

Freeware & Shareware Software Links.

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Category 20

Online Software and Book Stores.

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Category 21

Computer Component Price Comparison Sites.

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Category 22

E-commerce Shopping Cart Software.

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Category 23

Securing your own Secure Site Certificate.

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Category 24

E-commerce Payment Processing Solutions.

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Category 25

Business Services and Informational

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Category 26

Misc. Software & Utilities Links.

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Category 27

Office Supplies

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