Helix Universal Server is the new universal digital media delivery platform with industry leading performance, integrated content distribution and Web services support.
Your streaming services will be delivered by our State of the Art Datacenter..

Audio Video Streaming with Helix Universal Server

A2ZHOST provides high-quality streaming media through its own network of Helix Universal Servers. We enable companies to deliver rich media audio, video, and animation using the industry leading streaming media technologies. Helix Universal platform servers the major media formats from one server, media such as Windows Media, Real Video, and Quick Time.

Our solutions give you the ability to deliver live and on demand streaming media solutions from your web site. With four networks in place to deliver your streaming files, we can scale to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Helix Universal Services

Monthly Pricing Storage Monthly Transfer
$350.00 -- On Demand Content 5 GB 320 GB
$400.00 -- Live Broadcasts - 320 GB
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SHOUTcast Streams - Voice only
Stream Speed Price per Stream
32k $0.95
64K $1.90
96K $2.80
128K $3.75
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Volume Discounts Available.

More Helix Universal Server Information

The Helix Universal Server product line is equipped with the elements necessary for you and your organization to successfully and efficiently deliver digital media.

Simple - No longer it is necessary to maintain three different delivery infrastructures to reach the largest audience. The Helix Universal Server is all you need. Additionally, media application development is able to be standardized using the most mature and expansive set of digital media API’s.

Universal - Yes, truly universal. You can deliver all three major media formats over one delivery infrastructure. When you have a Helix Server, you have the capability to deliver media to any individual with a media player.

Proven - The Real Networks system architecture based on the Helix platform has achieved unmatched performance. Server fail-over capabilities for live and on-demand content, as well as other compelling new features have dramatically improved the user experience and broadcast fortification.